Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress


Jetpack is one of the most widely known WordPress plugins you can get.

Jetpack is able to analyze your content, tags and categories to make smart recommended selections for your audience.

Jetpack also comes loaded with a lot of different customization options.

Jetpack’s related posts plugin is powerful, and affordable.
Pricing: Free, or paid starting at £3/month.

Contextual Related Posts is a highly customizable plugin. It is quick and easy to use, has some great features built into it, and is extendable.

This plugin helps to improve your blog’s relevance by contextually matching posts to one another.

This plugin does not scale well on larger sites.
Pricing: Free


Yuzo includes a caching system that can optimize thumbnail images in the widget for faster loading times.

This plugin can also support RTL design, and comes with the ability to work either horizontally or vertically.

Make sure you verify that it doesn’t affect your site-speed after installing.
Pricing: Free

This plugin comes with a whole host of features, including working with different content type such as custom post types, multi-sites, categories, terms and more.

The only real downside to Related Posts Pro is that it is a slightly heavier plugin which can tend to slow your website down.

Related Posts Pro plugin also supports 3 types of layouts:

  • Isotopic: adds a large related posts section (up to 20 items) in standard columns and rows.
  • Slick and Slide:a carousel of related posts.
  • Transitioning: displays a single post at any given time, before transitioning to the next with transition animation

Pricing: $22

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